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Stiefnu De Battista

Stiefnu was born in Lija, In 1985. He started his first art lessons under the tuition of Michael Mifsud and later on he continued his studies at the school of arts and crafts, Targa Gap, Malta under Herman Baldacchino. He subsequently attended lessons under the tuition of renowned artist, Twanny Darmanin at the Art Club 2000 in Mellieha.

He successfully completed the First Diploma course in Art and Design and subsequently passed the National Diploma in Design Crafts with a Distinction, under the guidance of Maltese ceramist George Muscat.

He successfully obtained the BTEC Higher National Diploma in 3D Design / Ceramics at the MCAST Institute of Art and Design, Malta under the tuition of Maltese artists Alfred Camilleri. In 2006, he completed a one-year course in Fine Arts at the Malta School of Art under the tuition of Mr Alfred Caruana Ruggier. In 2007, Stefan was declared winner of a ceramics competition launched as part of the Medpot Project promoted by the Comune Di Sciacca in Sicily, and received a one-month scholarship in Sciacca.

After his experience in Sicily, Stiefnu participated in various collective exhibitions and art festivals, such as Earth Garden Festival and Science in the City. In 2018- 2019, Stiefnu participated in an international collective exhibition with the name, Vasi Comunicanti, which toured Santo Stefano Di Camastra, Sciacca and Mazzara Del Vallo in Sicily, together with fellow Maltese and Italian ceramists.

In 2019, Stiefnu held his first solo exhibition at the National Labour Centre in Malta, and in 2022 Stiefnu was chosen to represent Malta for the UNESCO Art Camp that was held in Baku and Shusha, in Azerbaijan. In 2023, Stiefnu held his second solo exhibition called “Difference and Repeat” which was curated by Iranian artist Sima Kahaki.



Stiefnu De Battista is born on September 17, 1985, in Lija, Malta. At a young age Stiefnu used to accompany his father on different boats, where he used to observe fishermen leaving and re-entering the port, carrying boxes brimming with fish.

1991 - Stiefnu accompanying his father on 'Seamowe'


Stiefnu attended Palazzo De La Salle, School of Art in Valletta, under the tuition of Artist Michael Mifsud.